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Solex 3800 USA by BrianSolex

The Solex S 3800 in the USA

  The Solex S 3800 was available in the USA from 1966 until 1974 (made in France), and then again from 1999 until 2005 (made in Hungary).


  The Solex S 3800 was sold in many countries other than France, including Germany, Italy, Canada, Switzerland, Yugoslavia, England, Brazil, the USA, and Sweden, just to name a few, and most countries had their own version, created especially for that country, sometimes in order to meet that particular country's regulations. Some versions were very similar to the basic French version, perhaps having only a different logo. And some versions were very different, having special lighting, controls, or other equipment. For example, the S 3800 DOT (found in the USA and Canada) was equipped with a stop (brake) light and an electric horn. And the California 3800-S, available only in the USA, was equipped with a sealed-beam headlight, an electric horn, and a stop (brake) light    


  The Solex S 3800 was not sold in every State. Most Solex S 3800s were sold in Michigan, especially in the Detroit area. Many were also sold in Ohio and Indiana.


  In 1974, new regulations were created concerning mopeds being imported into America. All new imported mopeds would need to pass new Federal Safety Standards and would need to be equipped with DOT-approved safety equipment. The S 3800s that were available did not meet the new Safety Standards, and did not have the proper safety equipment. So Solex created the model 4600 DOT (4600 V2 and 4600 V3) which had all of the required safety equipment, and which met the Federal Safety Standards.

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