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Solex 3800 USA by BrianSolex
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Solex 3800 USA by BrianSolex

May 6 2021 , Written by OverBlog


Hello! Welcome to my Solex 3800 USA website!




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BrianSolex's Velosolex Solex video channel: BrianSolex Velosolex Solex channel

BrianSolex's Velosolex Solex Help video channel: BrianSolex Velosolex Solex Help channel


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or e-mail me at: briansolex@protonmail.com


~ free .pdf service manuals & guides, owner's handbooks, and parts lists & diagrams

~ technical and historical Velosolex Solex questions

~ high quality spare parts, shipped to USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand















                           1973 Solex S 3800, American version


Be sure to visit my Velosolex 4600 website: https://velosolex4600.over-blog.com 



Brian Solex






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